about me

I want to be a writer. Me and about a billion other people.

So I set out to write a novel - and succeed I did! Of course, no one has read my novel, but I take comfort in knowing it's there.

I live on the Canadian prairies and yearn for New York, which is the center of the universe. I look about ten years younger than I am - a very nice thing most of the time. I am one of those Mormons (surprise!). And I believe that life is simpler and more beautiful than we make it out to be.

A while ago I had to quit working conventionally and rethink my entire existence. This happens once in a while. They call it a mid-life crisis. I had to consider not only what I love and what I'm good at, but also what I feel compelled to do. There are two parts of my identity that fill my mind and heart daily. They bleed into my thoughts, my words and my writing. And I can't honestly hold them back.

I am a woman. And I am free.

I find that most of the messages out there in the wide, ugly world distort the truth about liberty and about womanhood and so I add my two cents to the conversation. My intent is not to offend, but to speak the truth as I know it.

I spend much of my time writing for other people. This is where I write for myself, without trying to be cool or chic or even all that clever. Lets just call it...'Ginger, thinking digitally'.

Anyway...welcome. I'm awful glad to have you here.

By the way.

Some have left me messages I can only assume are meant to make me feel small and ashamed of being a bold and independent thinker. I know! People actually do that. They needn't have bothered. I am far too secure and unfettered to worry if a stranger thinks I ought to be horse whipped. So should you feel the need to put down a fellow human being for being different, please do so on your own blog, and not mine.

If you need to contact me for any positive, humanity affirming reason, I can be reached at...