Liberty on the Prairie


Every writer has that underlying idea that calls out to them - that compels them to scribble in notebooks, get up in the middle of the night to write something down, and store random bits of paragraphs on the computer desktop. For me, that has always been liberty. I can't seem to shut up about it. And that's definitely a good thing. Because we need more people talking about real freedom these days.

So I have decided to alter my blogging goals a little in an attempt to better satiate my need to talk human rights. From now on, new posts will be very scarce on the Style of Being.

Sorry, but change is a good thing.

You can now keep up with my rantings at a new blog I just launched that is designed to help every person, regardless of their political prowess, to protect and embody real human rights, true equality, and actual liberty. Without even breaking a sweat.

For your basic, foundational, life and liberty affirming education in democracy, please head on over to Liberty on the Prairie. We're already talking about free speech, big government, false human rights and oil. How much do you know about these things and are you prepared to discuss them with your friends and family?

Because if you don't stand for something - you'll fall for anything.

Keep being a unique individual. And please, keep talking about freedom.



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