I know so many women who know they aren't feminists. They feel it deep within themselves and while they know it, it may sometimes be difficult to explain.

It's always a little difficult to explain the things you feel instinctively in the soul.

Especially to other women who insist that you join them in the angry ranks of fainting-couch feminism or be branded a traitor or heretic.

So I love a good video clip or article that puts things in simple, conversational terms so that every woman who wishes to defend their natural instinct and their need for reason and fairness has a few practical talking points to draw from.

Equality means being treated fairly, under the same rules, with the same human rights and civil liberties, and given the same opportunities.

The current brand of feminism is about punishing people for any advantage whether real or imagined, changing the rules for some, demanding additional rights for some, denying civil liberties to some, and controlling opportunities for the sake of getting a manipulated result based on narrow ideals rather than individual choice.

Feminism versus equalism. That is the reality of gender politics today.

Thanks to Lauren Southern for this clip. And thanks to all other true equalists who bravely defend the men who are being thrown under the bus by raging entitlists.

And hey, whoever came up with the term equalist, you are awesome.

I won't ever again have to say to someone, "Well I am technically a feminist but..."