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There are times in life when you feel in control and powerful. Like you are master of the universe - at least the universe that exists within a ten foot radius. And things only happen to you because you allow them to. Plans somehow work out and you know exactly where you'll be in 24 hours because you've got it written down on your calendar.

Then there are those terrifying times when you are hurtling through life without knowing where your feet are going to come to rest and each step is an excruciating leap of faith...except that your legs no longer have the power to leap of their own accord and you're really just falling upright. This is the universe in which there is no such thing as calendars. And to an obsessive planner like myself, it's a messy little slice of hell.

I used to be master of the universe. And I liked it. But the problem with being so seemingly in control all the time is that it creates a 'perfect' life without the opportunity to become perfected. Without the struggle and the doubt and the fear, we tend to just carry on as we are. And do you really want to be the person you were five years ago? Because I sure don't.

So as I slipped from my self-imagined ivory tower into the dark abyss of wondering how the hell I was going to pay the rent, that dream I once had that was just too messy and unpredictable to chart on my calendar suddenly became the answer. I needed to finish my book. And I needed to believe in it again. I needed to believe that I could do more than just pay the rent {although I still can't pay the rent}.

This is what I've been doing lately, in between doctor appointments and medication trials and phasing in and out of histamine coma. My book is done, it's self-published, and it's ready to meet the big, scary world...

That would be you.

So if you like middle grade adventure novels with a bit of magic and some good fire battles, my literary debut is on Amazon. And my main character just so happens to be a boy who discovers that the real perfect life is the one that sometimes sucks. The one that challenges him and scares him and makes him a little less imperfect along the way.

I don't know about you, but I tend to get a lot of my most  impactful life lessons from children's books...

To get the ebook click here.

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