the Other Ginger


I always thought that Ginger Rogers must be a smart lady. First of all, she was gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, a perfect dancer, and an academy award winning dramatic actress. And secondly, she came up with great quotes like this one. It's a good thing that God didn't make me that stupendous because I would surely have been a diva. But not her. She didn't mind being silly on screen. She was playful enough to put on some freckles and bobby socks and yet she was so hard working, her shoes were apt to fill will blood after hours of dance rehearsal. You see, I know a thing or two about the woman I was named for.

I read this particular quotable on an afternoon when I was feeling overwhelmed and wishing some enormous 'break' would just fall into my lap and all of my woes would be instantly resolved. Instead, I got this nugget of wisdom, hurled from the grave like a rock aimed at my head. My icon and namesake told me to quit my whinging and get back to work! And I was appropriately humbled. And isn't whinging a strange word?

If I'm ever a successful novelist, I don't want it to come as a surprise. I want it to be a victory. I don't want to wake up one morning to a different world. I want to have a hand in changing the world. I want to watch it unfold. I want to get my hands dirty. I know that means I'll struggle. That I'll get a little blood in the shoes. I know it means that I will occasionally doubt myself all day long and lay awake at night worrying about...oh, everything. But damn, how sweet it will be when I do succeed at last.

And then I will pretty much be invincible...

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