Not all that's Gold Glitters


...and not all that's chocolate tastes good.

I found a recipe for healthy chocolate pudding in one of my random internet wanderings and because it sounded so absolutely outrageously suspect, I thought that it must be a good one.

I know.

My gut warned me that it was a goopy disaster waiting to happen, but it was just so strange, I thought it had to be amazing. Because who in their right mind would make this stuff up? So the Bean and I whipped up a batch. We measured and poured and rolled the slimy avocado seed around the counter and plugged our ears when we powered up the blender. And you know what? My gut was correct. Because my gut is a genius. And I rarely give it the credit it deserves.

Like when my gut told me that I couldn't pull off pleated trousers, or that dating a guy 8 years my junior was a dumb idea, or that I was going to feel polluted after watching 'the bachelor'.

So after tasting a bitter, grainy excuse for a chocolate pudding {the Bean licked her lips once and pronounced 'I don yike it'}, I realized that you just can't make a wonderful dessert out of the wrong ingredients. And neither can you make a good life out of the wrong ingredients. And you almost always know when the ingredients are wrong. You feel it in your gut.

And now isn't grocery shopping such a perfect metaphor?

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