All Dressed Up...Nowhere to Go


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I write a blog and snap a few photos for a local shop that features a broad range of bling, wherein I am forced to be enthusiastic about a lot of shiny, dangly things. It's not that I'm opposed to bling...well yes, actually I guess I am.

I appreciate it on other people just like I might appreciate a trim beard on a handsome man or high waisted shorts on Zooey Deschanel. Very nice for them. Not so much for me. Whenever I wear too much visible jewellery, I feel like I'm trying too hard to be something else. I feel like a poser. Like I'm back in middle school where I had no right to try to look cool.

Doesn't life get so much better when you finally realize what 'cool' really is?

Anyway, I do attempt to accessorize a little more vigorously every so often and inevitably end up discarding everything, other than some stud earrings and a wristwatch, before I even step away from the mirror. The deciding factor is always a nagging feeling that, 'meh, it's just not me'. I used to think that dressing up for a special occasion meant you could pretend to be someone else just a little bit. As though every stylish person should have a red carpet persona. But now that I own the wisdom of a person rapidly running out of her 30's, I believe special occasions are meant for celebrating everything that is particularly you. Dressing up should really be you, but in concentrate.

So the bling will remain relegated to my blogger photographs - it looks much better hung in rows in a sunlit shop rather than slung around my ungrateful neck. I'll stick to my simple way of 'dressing up' and be happier for it.

And hey, if we're going to be real here, this argument is pointless because dressing up isn't about the jewellery at all.

It's about the shoes.

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