A Bean in the Bathtub


There's just something about being two. And having an auntie with a ginormous bathtub.

This has become the default request whenever the Bean comes to my house - "can I pway in yo baftub?"

It's our thing. That thing she will remember her whole life. The stack of toys kept on hand just for her. The extra hot water mid-bath to keep her warm. Putting the towel in the dryer two minutes before she gets out so that it's hot and fluffy. Small memories that become bigger with age.

With my grandma, it was staying up really late, reading books in bed. With my Uncle D, it was blanket forts. With my mom it was riding the bus downtown to go window shopping. Those things that seem so dull to a grown up {and really, isn't most of grown up life dull?} will take your breath away when you're a child. When you're four and you get to stand on the seat to ring the bell for your bus stop, you never ever lose the significance.

It's made me more aware of what people receive when they are in my company. Am I ignorantly gifting them some random and unsolicited moment that they will associate with me for years to come? Will they always remember that I paid them a certain compliment or granted a specific wish or provided a particular favour that meant more to them than I realized? And is that what love really is? Consciously creating moments of significance?

If so, then I am slowly getting better at this love thing. Because one of the best parts of  my week is having a Bean in my bathtub.

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