Confession: I have recently developed a strange curiosity about comic con. A fascination, really. No, I don't read comic books or dress up like Hermione Granger just for fun. I cannot comment intelligently on star trek versus star wars. And I'm pretty sure that video games eat your brain. But I admit that I'm increasingly intrigued by this culture. The Big Bang Theory could be based on real life yo. And I kind of want to be best friends with a Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

As long as I don't have to drive him anywhere.

But it occurs to me that I am just as nerdy about a lot of things as some people are about cosplay or collectible action figures. Books for instance. Or old hollywood musicals. Or spraypaint.

So really, it's not the amateur swordplay or rubber elf ears that make me curious about comic con. It's the fact that some people get to be full-throttle nerdy about the things they love, while the rest of us try to be reasonable.

And I think sometimes that I have too much reason in my life.

I mean, come on. Do you remember when you were a kid and you loved things without apologizing? I want that again! I want to speak without self-critiquing and watch the weirdest shows that no one else watches and decorate with complete abandon. And when someone sneers at the fact that I've seen every episode of Jonas and play word puzzles compulsively and have a cherished collection of opera tickets, I will smile pityingly, how much they're missing!

The new nerdism is really just about embracing joy. And I could use more joy.

So to satisfy my nerd cravings, I began watching some of the panel discussions that Nerd HQ organizes at comic con. And in listening to the highly entertaining Q&A banter between sci-fi and fantasy celebs and their fans, I realized a few things:  That I want to be more passionate about the stuff that makes me happy. That I need to be more appreciative of other people's passion. And that I'm pretty much in love with Zachary Levi.

I've posted below a panel that made my face hurt because I smiled all the way through it. Watch and you too will realize that we all just need to be a little more nerdy.

Too bad I don't still have my X-files posters from 1997...

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